Management system

The software imports X-ray CT data and displays in multiple veiw,i.e.,axail,sagittal,coronal,cross-sectional,panoramic,X-ray panoramic and 3-D views of the patient’s jaw.Different views are related by the corresponding colors of the intersection lines in the 2-D view,and intersection planes in the 3-D view. The brightness/contrast can be adjusted via Window/Level adjustment.Other features include zooming ,unzooming,moving an image,and measurement tools for distance and angles.


Apart from all the features as described in DentiPlan-Viewer,DentiPlan has additional features which allow the clinicians to simulate placement of the implants.The clinicians can choose sizes,positions and orientations of the implants to avoid the inferior alveolar nerve and to achieve the optimal location of the implants for osseointegration. The main features include identification of the nerve location ; measurement tools for distances,angles and bone density; report of the plan; export/import of STL files (standard 3-D file format) ; and saving an image in a JPEG format.